I have a deep commitment to growing my own self-awareness and through that, developing my skills in the counseling room, as well as nurturing my own relationships. I continually practice, in my own life, the relational skills I support in session. 

Hello! I am Christina Dunning. I hold a master's degree in couples, marriage, and family therapy from Portland State University as well as a BA in Psychology from Middlebury College in Vermont. I am involved in ongoing training in Emotion-Focused Therapy, and also read literature and follow podcasts/webinars related to interpersonal neurobiology, attachment, and internal family systems theory. 

Over the past eight years, I have helped people strengthen and deepen their relationships with themselves and with others. A part of my early work was also around helping people struggling with addiction develop sustainable recovery as well as working with older adults. In recent years, I've focused more on relational work (both with individuals and couples). Meaningful change is incredibly difficult and courageous work and it is an honor to get to bear witness to this process. 

Having a safe space to explore and practice new ways of being and relating is paramount to change. I work hard to create this in the therapy room and in our therapeutic relationship. I am very open to feedback throughout the process and deeply value developing and nurturing our therapeutic alliance.